Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015

This year was definitely the year that the establishment in both parties learned something they didn't know previously.  That there is an anger boiling out in America.  The American people are at a crossing point angry at the unfair treatment of both political parties.  Both parties have yielded to corporatism and the political class at the expense of the ordinary citizen.

The average American doesn't actually care about wedding cakes, esoteric arguments about carbon footprints or debates about taxation on the one percent.  Most families care about their kids.  They care about whether or not their children will be able to afford to attend college.  Will those kids have jobs or opportunities for business and to own a home when they finish?  Will they be so deep in debt that they have to be wage slaves for decades to get out from under it?

Where we differ is easy to grasp.  There is a war on values and culture raging in the heartland.  Patriotism..a basic fundamental love for our culture, history and values is under attack.  It is not wrong to love America.  It is not wrong to value the history of our culture.  The very Constitution is now under attack by a political class that cares far more about capturing and retaining power than it does about the freedom of three hundred million citizens.

As we move to a new election year we are at a crossroads.  This country for 150 years has settled it's differences at the ballot box.  We will be picking a new President.  No one knows with any certainty what the decisive issue of this election year will be.  I suspect it will relate to a vision for national security.  The major parties will be tasked by the American people to present a plan that the majority can trust.  Whoever is able to present that most clearly likely will be elected.

I have no doubt about why the Trump phenomenon has taken off.  It isn't really about how Conservative he or his follower are.  It is a reaction to what began as a conversation about immigration and has cross associated with national security.  When the Democrats reply to San Bernardino was gun control and diversion from Islam...the populace lost a bit more trust in the Democrats.  The American people are tired of seeing their values and common sense attacked by the establishment of both parties.  I expect that this election will be won by a coalition of voters that don't normally connect together.

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