Monday, December 28, 2015

The Rise of Flakka

Every generation comes up with new more insane ways to ingest things that are deadly.  The latest craze polluting our streets and youth is Flakka.  A drug made from substance found in bath salts that is snorted, smoked, injected, swallowed or eaten in candy.

The drug is a stiumulant that brings feelings of euphoria, heightened alertness and increased movement.  Similar effects from in cocaine and amphetamine use.

When the drug leaves the body it causes fatigue and depressed feelings.  Users often will use the drug to get away from the feeling of coming down.  The drug does alter brain chemistry making users need increasing dosages to get the same high. 

Long term use causes feelings of anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations as well as violent outbursts.  High dosage can lead the body to rise in temperature and may cause kidney damage and breakdown of muscle.

This drug is on the rise and remains cheap for street purchase.  This makes it easily accessible. 

Addiction comes when the person is seeking to fill some void in their life.  Absence will always be filled by something. 

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