Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Washington State Primary Statewide Election Endorsements

Washington State Primary Statewide Election Endorsements
Governor - none
Lt. Governor - Marty McClendon
Secretary of State - Kim Wyman
Attorney General - None
Secretary of Treasurer - Split Duane Davidson or Michael Waite
Auditor - Mark Miloscia
Commissioner of Public Lands - Steve McLaughlin
Commissioner of Insurance - Richard Schrock
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Ron Higgins
Supreme Court Justices
Place 1 - David DeWolf
Place 5 - Greg Zempel
Place 6 - Dave Larson

Washington State Primary Election Endorsements

Washington State Primary election August 2, 2016 endorsements
US Senate - Chris Vance
US House Dist 1 = split John Orlinski or Robert Sutherland
US House Dist 2 - Marc Hennemann
US House Dist 3 = Jaime Herrera Beutler
US House Dist 4 - Clint Didier
US House Dist 5 - Cathy McMorris Rodgers
US House Dist 7 - Craig Keller
US House Dist 8 - Dave Reichert
US House Dist 9 - Doug Basler
US House Dist 10 - Jim Postma

Friday, July 22, 2016

US Senate Race Endorsements North Carolina and Florida Primary

North Carolina incumbent Senator Richard Burr has a strong pro life record. 

Florida incumbent Senator Marco Rubio seeks re-election and get's my support.  Competitor Ernie Rivera is a Trumpbot.  Thus he is disqualified.  Carlos Beruff refers to President Obama as an animal and endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio last time around. 

US Senate Races - My Endorsements

New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte is pro life.

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran is pro life and anti embryonic stem cell research.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is pro life

Colorado Darryl Glenn is trying to unseat incumbent 1st term Senator Michael Bennett.  Glenn is pro life, pro 2nd amendment endorsed by both Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.  He would be the 2nd black Republican in the US Senate.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Homerun Ted Cruz!!!

Tonight Senator Cruz took the stage in Cleveland.  The question at hand "will he endorse Donald Trump?"  He graciously congratulated the nominee.  He spoke to the final conversation of a father with his little girl before he was murdered in Dallas.  He mentioned freedom.  He brought up the Constitution.  He challenged supporters to vote in November and to vote their conscience.  Donald Trump supporters from that point to the end acted like jackasses chanting for an endorsement that would not come.

Donald Trump called Ted Cruz' wife ugly.  He got his contacts at National Enquirer to slander Cruz' fidelity.  Mr. Trump slandered Ted's father as somehow involved in the JFK assassination.  At the end of the night Donald Trump and his supporters are petty and his train wreck campaign has no chance of winning in November.  Ted the star of the Conservative movement. 

The Nomination of Falsehood

A major political party will nominate for President a candidate that is owned by Wall Street.  This candidate will be pro-choice favoring that Roe vs Wade not be overturned.  This candidate will believe in Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  The candidate will have a view that gun rights should be severely limited or curtailed by whim of government officials without any opportunity to clear one's name.  The candidate will be of the belief that Israel is the moral equal of her Palestinian attackers.  The candidate will have no military experience but will have a long history of disrespect to veterans and be a critic of their missions.  This candidate will have a consistent record of support for people opposing Conservatives in elections.  The candidate will pander to Christians while consistently living a life that mocks Christianity.

The above is the life story of Donald J. Trump.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trump Campaign Lies...Lies and More Lies

Monday in Virginia a Federal Court Judge ruled clearly that delegates to the Republican National Convention can reject Donald Trump without legal penalty.  The complaint filed by Virginia delegate Attorney Carol Boston Correll Jr, has vowed to never vote for Trump.  The Judge, Robert E. Payne ruled clearly that the Commonwealth will be permanently enjoined from enforcing Va. Code § 24.2-545(0). 

The Trump campaign website and Facebook pages took the words of the court ruling, twisted them entirely and stated an opposite headline.  I suppose to Trump supporters the facts don't matter.  Hell, for most of them the facts don't actually make sense so there is that.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Are Not A Nation of Laws

We have two versions of law.  One that applies to Democrats and another for Republicans.  Democrats are allowed to commit widespread voter fraud, disrespect the military and all national institutions.  They will not be held accountable for violations of national security and can treat government programs as absolute ironclad entitlements.

Republicans can be harassed via the Internal Revenue Service.  They are not given any latitude regarding programs and will be jailed should they commit even minor offenses according to the National Security Act. 

I hope this clears everything up.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Votes for Sovereignty

Great Britain voted yesterday to leave the European Union despite warnings from President Obama.  All of the pundits predict financial disaster.  I expect that some wise people will wait til the markets plunge and then jump in to invest and enjoy significant profits.


If no one got a bloody lip, no one got arrested, nobody missed a meal and you had potty breaks..
that wasn't a sit in. It was a hissy fit.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

What Would A Hillary Presidency Make America Look Like?

Rahm Emanuel is Mayor of Chicago.  He is formerly the White House Chief of Staff under President William Jefferson Clinton.  When it comes to policy he is a mirror image of Hillary.  He presides over a city that is virtually a 2.7Million person gun free zone.  Some of our nation's most egregiously difficult gun ownership restrictions are in effect there.

So far in 2016 there have been 1674 shootings in Chicago.  Gun free Chicago has had 253 shot and killed.  That means Chicago has what amounts to Orlando about 2 1/2 times per month.  Now imagine the world under President Hillary who is personally on record opposing the right to bear arms.  Empowering her to launch Executive Orders and appoint Supreme Court Justices is essentially inviting her to end the right of private citizens to self defense.

Do you really want the entire country to look like Chicago?  Do you really want the country to be as easy as an Orlando nightclub?  That is what Hillary means for America.

Obama Reacts Wrongly to Orlando

The worst act of terrorism to reach the United States since 9/11/2001 happened a few hours ago. The President just spoke and his first point was to lash out at gun ownership. Then he spoke about hate. He never once mentioned the obvious reality that the shooter practiced a virulent ideology that we are allegedly at war against. Sane people should remember that this President is not on the side of freedom. He enables fanaticism and apologizes for it.

Fifty people are dead. At least that many are injured and once again I notice that it isn't a Methodist Sunday School teacher or a Baptist Church Bus Driver whose religion has brought this mayhem. While Christians are being raged against over sales of flowers or resistance to adult males using bathrooms alongside little girls, the religion of peace just keeps managing to produce mass murder.

50 People Dead in Terror Attack at Orlando Florida Nightclub

When a disease enters the body the prudent thing is to remove it. When a field has an infestation you fight it. All other ideas are self destructive foolishness. No exceptions.

The shooter who is dead is an Islamic terrorist from Afghanistan who was granted US citizenship.  The media will now fawn for a bit about gun control.  We need common bloody sense in this country.  Instead of allowing the party of crazy to turn us on our heads over the right of perverts to pee next to little girls we should be talking about the most important role of government.  Protection of the people from evil.

From Roseburg to San Bernardino to Orlando the war on terror is now a home field fight.  Our current leadership nurtured and armed the enemy..invited it here and coddled it.  Now we are being mass murdered because of it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rene Ellmers Out

Congresswoman Ellmers of North Carolina is the first GOP incumbent to be primaried out this year.  She has lost to George Holding who was funded by The Club for Growth.  Her endorsement from Donald Trump apparently didn't hold much value.

The End of Primary Season

Today both major parties wrap up their primary season.  From here it is on to national party conventions in July and then the general election contest.  Never have I seen the country so torn politically.  Even in 2004 with anti-War protestors driving the Democratic party things weren't this deep.  Both major parties are poised to nominate Presidential candidates largely hated by the majority of Americans.

Our hope is not in men.  We must remember this and keep eyes moving forward.  This is the United States of America.  We are still that shining city upon a hill that can be a beacon of light to a dark world.  We are more than just some person behind a desk in the White House.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Who is the Establishment?

Donald Trump is golfing buddies with John Boehner.  Donald Trump campaigned against Tea Partiers and funded the re-election of Mitch McConnell.  Donald Trump was endorsed by House Speaker Paul Ryan this week.  Donald Trump IS and always has been..the establishment.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Austin Petersen's Pro Life is Really Pro Choice

"As much as I detest the idea of abortion and tend to believe the state has a legal obligation to protect life, the realities of the situation combined with the risks incurred by mothers makes me unable to support a staunch anti-abortion position. I think we should use education and work to direct nonprofit resources toward making contraception widely available, as a means to reducing abortions; but I could never advocate they be outright banned.
First, all making abortions illegal would do is drive them underground. Black market abortion would lead to shoddy medicine, unhealthy practices, disease, suffering, and death. As unwanted births increase in low income areas, crime would rise. The number of people unable to provide for themselves and forced to live off of the state would also dramatically increase.
I just don’t see a world with black market abortions, more unwanted children, and more poverty as being a good thing.
Likewise, the tendency for the left to disregard considerations of life, to the point of hostility towards the unborn (calling them invaders or parasites) is truly sickening to me. Human life is precious and ought to be regarded as such. In fact, a little compassion towards life might go along way when it comes to advocating reasonable abortion positions.
I am pro-life; I believe life is precious and must be protected. But I am pro-choice; I believe individual autonomy is inseparable from human liberty. We must seek to guard human life when reasonable to do so and to protect women’s agency to make their own health decisions. These are not mutually exclusive, those that tell you otherwise are ideologues." Austin Petersen Dec 2015

The Donald Trump hijacking of the Republican Party is leaving many Conservatives looking around for a third party choice.  This has brought about much interest in Austin Petersen who is competing for the Libertarian party nomination for President.  Mr. Petersen touts himself as being a Pro Life atheist.  He is getting a lot of attention from disaffected Evangelicals who find Donald Trump unworthy of their support. 

Is Austin Petersen's position actually Pro-Life?  His word choice consistently draws a distinction between the personal choice of abortion and the legal fact of abortion.  On one hand he speaks in harsh terms about the casual attitude of the left toward the fact that there is a life in the womb worthy of consideration.  He seems to fall short though of literal legal protection lashing out at those who oppose abortion.  He makes the exact same sort of typical arguments about black market abortion as a reason against changing legality.  The result is that Mr. Petersen's Pro-Life morality does not cause a anti-abortion legality..and since we are really only talking about a political issue..his position becomes meaningless.  Opposing abortion as a moral choice and then not extending that to placing limitations into not Pro-Life.  It is in fact from a legal and political perspective..Pro-Choice.  It is no different than the position held by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani or John Kerry.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Difference Between Bush and Obama

Bush administration asks cell phone companies for cell records of customers in order to thwart international terrorists.  A company refuses.  The Bush administration says..."okay."  The ensuing scandal occupies Congressional Democrats for years.  An investigative panel is convened spending millions of taxpayer dollars.  American media types spend millions of lines of text decrying the abuse of individual civil rights.  The next administration proceeds to continue a much more extreme and intrusive version of the same program.

Barack Obama in May of 2016 decreed that public schools in the United States will let boys pee in the girls room.  Any schools refusing will be penalized so that poor children are not able to have lunch. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is the Battle?

There is no Republican vs. Democrat. There is only Liberty vs. Tyranny, Freedom vs. Despotism, Independence vs. Authoritarianism. Choose wisely.

Apologetics for Hiroshima

The nuclear attacks against Japan in 1945 ended the Second World War.  Anyone arguing anything counter to that is simply in point of fact a revisionist fool.  No more.  No less.  Japan had not and was not preparing to surrender.  The United States of America and our administration had an obligation to win the war and minimize the loss of American lives. 

Yesterday the Japan Times online was hosting a conversation as to whether or not President Obama will or should apologize for the attacks when he visits Hiroshima.  Oddly, I was surprised.  I did not know that Kenya bombed Japan.  Go figure.  Learn something new everyday.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Donald's Greatest Accomplishment

In this post Cruz campaign phase of the election process a lot is being said by Trump supporters about what they see as the obligation of all Republicans to now unite behind their favorite candidate.  The saying usually goes "a vote for third party or sitting out is a vote for Hillary."  This is of course utter nonsense.  The only way to vote for Hillary (or anyone else) is to actually cast a vote for that person.  We don't award extra votes in elections based on under performance of political party nominees.  It isn't like if 22% of registered Republicans refuse to vote for Donald Trump and instead don't vote or vote for the Constitutional Party candidate, that Hillary get's a +1 on her side.  Hillary gets nothing for those. 

The next part of the argument is that "It doesn't matter if Donald Trump isn't a Conservative.  He is still infinitely better than Hillary."  This is the "he is not Hillary" argument.  It is also utterly nonsensical insomuch that there are serious issue related arguments that suggest in fact that Donald Trump may be much worse than Hillary in many areas.  Further..just not being Hillary is not much of an argument.  I can point to 7 Billion people in the world that are not Hillary.  You can't tell me that Donald Trump is the very best out of all of us not-Hillary's. 

Donald Trump is the one who is obligated to unite the party.  There is no obligation of supporters of Cruz or anyone else to owe Trump loyalty just because he happens this time to be calling himself Republican.  I believe that after this election it will actually be an identifier used to label people in the future.  For the 2020 election a lot of people who endorsed Donald Trump will be disregarded by those that don't after he gets absolutely crushed in November.  So far, since Tuesday's Indiana primary, Donald Trump has continued to attack those Republicans that do not support him.  He has stated that he doesn't need Conservatives in order to win the election.  I doubt that.  We will see.  He is wrong.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Trump's Running Mate

The perfect running mate for Donald Trump would have to be someone who shares his policy viewpoint. Someone able to handle his level of energy and ability to rile up a gan...errr.....crowd of supporters. The pick would have to be used to rubbing shoulders with men of industry and just as comfortable around a bit of greasing the wallets to make junk happen.

It is my conclusion that the only possible running mate for Donald Trump....would be Donald Trump.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump Campaign Funding

For months Donald Trump and his supporters took shots at Ted Cruz and his wife over loans and her work at Goldman Sachs. Today Mr. Trump's "self funded" campaign for President hired a fund raiser.  A former executive at Goldman Sachs and associate of George Soros..who has donated to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. 

Undoubtedly the first order of business will be to collect donations to pay Donald Trump back for the loans he made to his campaign's primary race.

The flipping never ends!

So..About Ted Cruz' Eligibility

Months of crazy talk from Trumpbots....Donald Trump himself repeatedly throwing out suggestions that Ted Cruz is not eligible for the Donald Trump suggests that Ted Cruz would be a potential Vice Presidential pick.  Amazing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Your Vote

A vote is a precious thing.  It is a powerful responsibility.  Many people will have to personally decide whether or not the most important thing on election day is defeating their perceived enemy or to vote FOR something.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.  We are commanded by the Lord to choose righteousness.  This November everyone gets a voice.  Use yours' for something righteous.