Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hillary and Her Damned Emails

Today authorities declared that Hillary Clinton's private server handled messages and communications that were Top Secret.  Top Secret is a designation of classification that means the disclosure would bring significant damage to national security.  It requires great efforts to protect such information. 

It is impractical to think that the Secretary of State was unaware or simply did not know.  The only real reaction is that she has been obviously lying throughout the series of investigations and hearings into this matter.  If we are a nation of laws, this cannot be allowed to be ignored.  It really does matter or we aren't a country.

When addressing this situation with another person this is essentially an idiot test.  There is no defense for what she has done.  The law is black and white.  One such violation is subject to imprisonment.  Anyone who tries to argue that it somehow was not illegal until laws were changed under President Obama is either lying or ignorant.  The laws were certainly clear on these matters in the mid 1990's when I held a Top Secret SCI clearance.  I doubt that the law was lessened during the Clinton or Bush administrations. 

Hillary's email server is not a mater of humor.  It is not a matter of politics.  She broke the law...hundreds of times.  It is criminal. 

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