Saturday, December 12, 2015

Paris Wealth Re-Distribution Agreement

The lefties are joy filled today because they managed to come up with an agreement on how to control the inherent cycles of weather that govern the world we live in as they have for thousands of years.

1. Slow global warming below 2 degrees C
2. Countries agreed to set national goals for emissions.  Developed countries are expected to cut.  Developing countries are encouraged to make cuts as their capabilities evolve.
3. Governments are asked to review their targets in 4 years to see if they need updating.
4. There are no penalties for countries missing their targets.
5. Rich countries should offer financial support to poor countries to help them reduce emissions.

There is no enforcement, no defined penalty..really nothing that requires anything.  Just a feel good gesture by people committed to income redistribution.  The real only thing this agreement is about.

Oh and I seriously doubt that current engineering technology even exists to meet this 2 degree goal to begin with.  The left tonight is celebrating an agreement that is absolute silliness.

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