Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ted's Kids....REALLY?!!!

In the 1990s during the reign of Bubba and the Rednecks it was understood by media on either side that the first daughter was off limits.  Media left children of politicians out of it.  Chelsea was allowed to grow up with minimal spotlight.

In the 2000s the Bush family had to accept a hypocritical media on the left that constantly sought ways to embarrass the first family following daughters Barbara and Jenna Bush who were growing into young adults.  There were even internet pervs posting filth with the Bush daughters as targets.

Since the emergence of our Kenyan overlord BHO there has been something of a media blackout when it comes to the Obama girls.  Months ago a photo showing Malia Obama standing next to a beer pong game at Brown University caused a short term scandal before being buried.

Today the Washington Post showed an editorial cartoon picturing the daughters of Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex) appearing as monkeys.  These children are 5 and 7 years old. 

Just more evidence that the right needs to start fighting as nasty to win as the left does. 

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