Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trump the Man of the Year?

This week some magazine somewhere said something about someone in Germany.  The vast majority of Americans were like..meh....and continued on with their days.  OK, really most Americans never heard of the leader of Germany who has opened up the floodgates of Muslim immigration and taken great steps toward the actual implosion of her country. 

Here in the United States no person this year provided as much compelling discussion as Donald Trump.  From his announcement of a run for the White House in June he did what he does.  He made headlines..almost daily.  He irritated and angered both Democrat and Republican alike with seeming equal disdain.  He rocked the GOP establishment early on with a series of public comments on the issues and withstood the rigged attempted hijacking by FOXNEWS during the first Presidential debate. 

Without Mr. Trump I seriously doubt that much conversation would be happening about illegal immigration, Syrian refugees or how to handle the influx of people from countries hostile to the United States.  Oddly the richest major party Presidential candidate in history has yet to be confronted with "income inequality" debates.  He seems to have surged among people who probably have little in common with him...grassroots voters who lean Republican. 

I am NOT a Trump supporter.  To be clear I have been making campaign donations to a different candidate...then again..Donald Trump doesn't really need my money.  That disclaimer aside, no person has been as in the news, dominating the headlines this year as Donald Trump.  He is my selection for Man of the Year.

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