Sunday, December 20, 2015

What the Budget Backstabbing Proves

In politics you often must make deals.  That is fine.  No side ever gets everything that they want.  One way you can tell about how balanced something is though is by how much one side or the other is griping.  I notice today that there is a clear wave of angry Conservatives upset that the Republican party caved once again to the Democrats on a budget deal.

Funding for Planned Parenthood, funding for Obamacare, a push towards amnesty...all features of a continuing resolution to fund the government into September.  I highly doubt that in the fever of an election late in the summer that this Federal government will do anything but another CR to go into 2017.

Democrats are complaining too but their complaints are shallow gripes about tax breaks "for the rich."  So there we have it.  Boehner is no longer speaker but the direction remains the same. 

Do not elect RINOs.  Liberal Republicans are not superior to Progressive Democrats.  They are the same.  They both lead you to the same thing...leftist rule.  Liberal Republicans do not give us Conservative Lite.  They give us Liberalism.  Nothing else.

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