Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Sexism of the Hillary Campaign

Hillary Clinton spent her early years politically working as a staffer in Washington DC before her rise to power as wife of Bill Clinton.  In 1992 during the Presidential campaign Governor Bill and First Lady Hillary Clinton of Arkansas were interviewed for 60 Minutes when she said of supporting her husband "I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.”  Thing of it is..that is precisely what she spent the next decade doing.  She in fact became the lead attack dog thru multiple scandals involving women accusing Bill of illicit sexual activities and misconduct of various types.

Secretary Clinton has spent her entire adult life playing second fiddle to her man which gave her access to power her talents could not.  She parlayed her role as First Lady into a Senate seat from a state she really didn't have a connection to.  She ran a horribly flawed 2008 Presidential campaign and then moved into the Obama cabinet as a disasterous Secretary of State.  Since her tenure in the administration she has joined the family business which seems to be charging huge fees to colleges for speeches.  Her and her husband have accumulated well over $130Million in personal wealth while additionally running a megamillion dollar foundation that provides no discernible services to others.  All along the way we are told consistently that she is brilliant...with no actual ideas of her own.  She has a resume..though no accomplishments are presented.  She is seasoned though really she was just a name in the Senate with little legislative accomplishment and then a poor Secretary of State. 

We will be told over the next several months that this woman should be made the first female President in order to make history.  A woman who accepted openly her husband serial philandering.  Her lack of accomplishments and poor performance should be overlooked because of her gender.  I haven't even mentioned Benghazi or the fact that she broke multiple long standing federal laws mishandling classified information on a private server.  This woman is a terrible example for young women and is more worthy of prison than the Presidency.

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