Thursday, December 17, 2015

Let's Grant Michael Moore His Wish

So Michael Moore decides to stand outside of Trump Tower holding a sign saying "We Are All Muslim" today...besides being a sort of bizarre point making little sense.  I highly doubt that he has a clue what being a Muslim even is.  For starters they aren't looking for him.  Islamicists are not seeking his conversion...they really don't seek anyone's actual conversion.  They seek acquiescence and it matters not what part of the world.  The fundamental goal of all of Islam is world conquest.  Not conversion..ownership.  That is everyone everywhere from the Arab riding a camel in the middle east to the taxi driver in Michigan. 

If Mr. Moore isn't really clear on that though, I am fully willing to donate to a fund to send him to Raqqa where he can experience things first hand away from his detached comforts and..well..abundance of food...giant piles of food that he must have at all times.

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