Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GOP Debate Notes

Tonight CNN hosted another Republican Presidential debate. 

Senator Cruz got the most airtime and did a good job stating his view on surveillance, stating a case for national defense and was consistent in his focus on getting the "bad guys." 

Senator Paul explained clearly his contrasting view on much of the subject matter.  Senator Paul is definitely opposed to any confrontation of Russia in Syria.  He clearly opposes removing tyrants. 

The soul of the GOP is likely to come down to these two Tea Party favorites.

Senator Rubio looked rattled a bit when he was confronted by both Senator Cruz and Paul.  He explained a long term immigration plan in 3 steps that will get called...amnesty.  Senator Rubio tried as he does in each debate to project a strong leader willing to utilize military forces where necessary.  Tonight the other two Senators were able to draw a conflict out of Rubio where he on the one hand is strong regarding a military buildup, yet has a problem regarding amnesty as a national security issue. 

Governor Kasich presented his message of a populist heartland of America candidate who represents people who demand hope and security. 

Mrs. Fiorina was clearly focused stating multiple times her leadership credentials.  She once again went down the line stating intention to lead thru strength speaking in the sorts of terms that would have fit fine in the 1980 campaign of Reagan stating the case to confront Communism.

Governor Christie made his case for being the tough guy who is ready to lead as a wartime President.  He pointed out repeatedly his background as a Federal Prosecutor who battled terror suspects prior to election to the Governor's mansion in New Jersey.

Governor Bush stood his ground trying to contrast his credentials and background as well as relationships to lead our armed forces.  He attempted to diminish the ideas and views of Donald Trump.  Governor Bush seems to want to project himself as the grownup scolding Mr. Trump in order to start to move the needle in his direction.

Dr. Carson did not get a question until 50 minutes into the debate.  He expressed how his ability to lead isn't diminished by being outside the political class. 

Donald Trump was confronted on his recent comments regarding blocking Muslims from immigrating and his willingness to attack the families of terrorists.  I expect that the most important comment of the night came when Mr. Trump declared he will see this race thru as a Republican and will absolutely not run as an Independent.

Every candidate got the chance to make their case.  The issues were serious and the answers were serious.  There were no fantasy football questions.

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