Sunday, December 20, 2015

Virginia Schools..and World Religions Calligraphy

So...Augusta County Virginia schools allows students to study world religions.  No problem.  It is useful for kids to have a basic knowledge of the major teachings of major religions of the world as a social study.  So long as that teaching doesn't become preaching there is no issue.  

Last week it went too far.  Parents were upset when their students were given an assignment to write in calligraphy the Islamic statement of faith.  It would be rather difficult to consider such an assignment appropriate for teaching and is assumedly just an effort by someone to either promote Islam or more likely to offend non-Muslims.  Either way this is not the mission of schools.

It is customary in Christian schools for children to memorize Bible verses as part of the lesson plan.  This practice is common and has been so for centuries.  Would the school district in Augusta County Virginia defend or support a world religions lesson plan that required students to member John Chapter 3 of the New Testament?  I think the answer to that is obvious.

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