Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sanders Supporters and Socialism????


This video got a lot of coverage on social media today as CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin asked Sanders supporters among other things if they could define Socialism.

The damning part isn't so much that the young fools couldn't define a word they likely weren't taught about in public schools.  We are in a politically correct world where feeling is treated as more important than fact.  We have a generation that naturally presumes that "giving" is the mission of government.  They draw an equivalent with "fair share" of taxes to charity as if they are one and the same.  In decades of following politics I have yet to find one of these progressive idiots that could actually define exactly how much of the "share" actually is "fair."

Bottom line, NOTHING IS EVER FREE!!  You do not build progress by ruining the successful.  That never has worked and never ever will.  Progressive Liberal Socialism is really just the new naming for Communism.  They want absolute control.  They do not have solutions that actually work.

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