Sunday, February 14, 2016

GOP Debate: Poverty

Dr. Carson: Go after the regulatory agency instead of the people that are trying to increase the viability of our society.  Regulations cost us $2Trillion annually.  You want to get rid of poverty, get rid of the regulations.

Ted Cruz: The people who have been hurt the most in the Obama economy are the people who are the most vulnerable.  Small businesses are the heart of the economy.  My dad fled Cuba in 1957.  He washed dishes for 50cents an hour.  If we had Obamacare in place the odds are high he would have been laid off.  We need to lift the burdens on small businesses.

Donald Trump: I would build consensus with Congress and Congress would agree with me.  (regarding Ford building factory in Mexico and his statement that he would impose s 35% tax on them). 

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