Sunday, February 14, 2016

GOP Debate: Immigration Reform

Donald Trump: I want everybody taken care of but we have to take care of our people in this country.  I will build a wall.  The wall will be built by Mexico.  We have to take care of our people

Marco Rubio: Amnesty is the forgiveness of wrong doing without consequences.  I have never supported that.  Don't just pass a law without enforcing the law.  Secure the border before you can do immigration reform.  You can't do any of that until you prove to the American people that illegal immigration is under control

Ted Cruz: Everyone talks tough on illegal immigration during a Republican primary.  (Gang of Eight) I led the fight to defeat that plan. 

Marco Rubio: (Ted Cruz) to argue he is a purist on this issue is just not true.

Ted Cruz: Marco has a long record on amnesty.  Rubio supports citizenship for 12million people here illegally.  Marco went on Univision and said in Spanish he would not rescind President Obama's executive action on amnesty.

Marco Rubio: I don't know how he would know what I said on Univision cuz he doesn't speak Spanish.

Ted Cruz in rough Spanish: If you want to tell them now tell them in Spanish.

Rubio: Ted Cruz lies.  He lied about Ben Carson in Iowa, he lies about Planned Parenthood, he lies about marriage, he lies about all sorts of things and now he makes things up.

Jeb Bush: We need a leader to fix this problem.  The great majority of people who come to this country have no other choices.  These are people that are coming to provide for their families.  They are not all rapists like you know who said.

Donald Trump: The weakest person on this stage by far on illegal immigration is Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush: It is weak to disparage women.  It's weak to denigrate the disabled.  It is also weak to call John McCain a loser.

Trump: Two days ago he said he would moon everybody and no one reports that...and then he tells me oh my language was a little bit rough.

John Kasich: Let's just talk about what we are for.  I'm for sealing the border.  I'm for a guest worker program.  We haven't sealed the border to because the special interests are against that.

Dr. Carson: Go to my website and read my immigration policy.  (He didn't get an immigration reform question).

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