Sunday, February 14, 2016

GOP Debate: Justice Scalia

Donald Trump: If I were President now I would want to nominate a replacement and I am sure that President Obama is going to want to now.  This is a tremendous blow to our country.  It is up to Mitch McConnell to stop it.  Delay delay delay.

John Kasich: If I were President we wouldn't have the divisions we have here today.  Now we are going to see another partisan fight take place.

Dr. Carson: The President should delay.  The Constitution doesn't address this particular situation.

Marco Rubio: He will down as one of the great Justices in this history of this Republic.  We need to put people on the bench that understand that the Constitution is not a living and breathing document.

Jeb Bush: I will nominate people that have a proven record on the judiciary.  The next President needs to appoint someone that is a proven Conservative.  Fight and fight for that nomination.

Ted Cruz: Justice Scalia was a legal giant.  He changed the arch of legal history.  We are one Justice away from a Supreme Court that will strike down every abortion restriction put in place by the states.  The Senate needs to stand strong.  Confirm principled Constitutionalists to the court.

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