Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Hampshire, Trumpeter Sound of Victory vs. Jeb's Last Stand

Today is New Hampshire.  23 Republican convention delegates are on the line.  Polling suggests a resounding win for Donald Trump.  Of greater interest is how the "establishment" candidates split votes.  Is this the time where one will emerge for the Rockefeller corporatists to rally around?  A year ago we were being told that Jeb Bush was a shoe in.  A virtual army of donors and GOP insiders would force the process so that he would rise to the top.  Anyone not on board would be "responsible for electing Hillary."  Now a Jeb campaign mired in low poll numbers that has been marked by his constant attacks on Donald Trump seeming to add momentum to the Trump campaign everytime he opened his mouth.

Tonight I suspect that between Rubio, Bush, Kasich and Christie one will stand out enough that the others probably drop out. 

Trump probably wins this one.  Cruz should be happy garnering what Conservative votes there are in New Hampshire and then ready for the real contest..South Carolina on the 20th.

On the DNC side...Socialism apparently is popular. 

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