Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fiorina's Farewell

Carly Fiorina ended her Presidential campaign today after finishing behind the pack in New Hampshire.  Her campaign had some high points but she never really established a consistent base of support.  She didn't have establishment credentials.  She wasn't a darling of the Evangelicals.  She did however force people to think.

Repeatedly on the debate stage Ms. Fiorina showed a command of issues which she articulated with an avalanche of facts.  She established herself well understanding of national security issues including the numbers around our shrinking armed forces.  She was highly critical of the political class and seemed eager to engage Hillary Clinton on the issues.

Her early flare up with Donald Trump was the only one so far that seemed to damage Mr. Trump and caused him to retreat during her first appearance on the main debate stage.  She also managed to run for months without attracting any sort of scandal.

I expect that she will be on the eventual GOP nominees short list for Vice Presidential running mate.  She is serious and sensible. 

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