Sunday, February 14, 2016

GOP Debate: Closing Statements

John Kasich: I'll send the power back

Dr. Carson: If all the people who say I love Ben Carson but he can't win will vote for me we can turn this thing around.

Jeb Bush: I believe I will have a steady hand as Commander in Chief

Marco Rubio: Our culture is in trouble..wrong is now considered right and right is considered wrong.  These are difficult times.  2016 can be a turning point.  We are going to embrace free enterprise.  Life begins at conception.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  Rights come from God and not a President.  We will make the 21st Century a new American century.

Ted Cruz: Do you want another deal maker?  Or do you want a Conservative?  Two branches of government hang in the balance.  Not just a Presidency but the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump: Politicians are all talk and no actions.  We need a very big change.  We are going to make our country great again.  We don't win anything.  We are going to start winning again.  I'm working for you.  I'm not working for anyone else.

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