Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Around the News

1. High School Hockey Teams Told to Dump National Anthem

So the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League feels that it takes too long to conduct the National Anthem before his games.  Thus he wants schools to stop. “We are recommending the national anthem not be played or sung or whatever it is,”he told FOXNEWS.

Call me crazy, but even in today's world where pop stars try and drag out individual notes I don't see the anthem taking more than two minutes.  I am thinking there are a lot of other things that take up significant time during games that can be looked at like say....prolonged introductions?  Or perhaps stupid announcements by idiots like...the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League.

Awesome stuff coming on the day that millions of Americans get to observe Veteran's Day.  Awesome stuff.  And great lesson for the young people!

2. Obama considering John Kerry for job of defense secretary

In a gesture that will tell future historians quite a bit about the current empty chair that occupies the White House, the Washington Post claims that Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) may be the next Defense Secretary.  This is the same John Kerry who never really addressed (thanks the the non-investigative nature of our current crop of journalists) irregularities in several combat decorations he received for Vietnam service.  The same John Kerry who led the opposition in the Senate to what eventually became Operation Desert Storm! 

This man was on the wrong side of history regarding the Cold War. He was wrong about the Liberation of Kuwait in the 90s. He has been consistently inconsistent on the War on Terror.  He also has never been the head of actually..anything in his life other than a few weeks commanding a Swiftboat 40 years ago.  The idea that this man could somehow lead the largest organization in the US Government is laughable.

Also, John Kerry has a personal networth of somewhere around $750Million (that is 3 Mitt Romneys for any lefties reading this who suck at math).  I am pretty sure we just had the Democrats tell us for several months that having a lot of money was a sign of ripping people off and being basically evil.  Of course the difference being that Mitt Romney actually earned his money in business.  Sen. Kerry essentially has married two extremely rich women to "acquire" his.  He does it the old fashioned Democratic way.  He takes it.

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