Sunday, November 18, 2012

Channeling Stalin

"It's not the people who vote that count: it's the people who count the votes."  This is often attributed to Joseph Stalin.  While I am doubtful that he ever said such a thing, the sentiment remains true.

In St. Lucie County Florida this week an amazing drama has played out.  It has been covered in limited, usually slanted ways, by various national media sources.  In effect the district of Congressman Allen West is being taken by Patrick Murphy via very many dubious means. Mr. Murphy won St. Lucie county by roughly 12,000 votes in an election that he is being certified the winner by 1900 (0.58%).  No big deal.  Close elections happen..except as follows.

1. One precint in St. Lucie County saw 900 ballots cast when only 7 voters are registered.
2. Originally 3 days of early voting ballots were run thru recount.  Rep. West asked thru various legal means to have all 8 days worth of early voting recounted.  Finally Friday it was determined that the other 5 days would be recounted...except that it was then found that there was no way to tell which day the ballots were from..thus all 8 days would be recounted yesterday.
3. Over a 12 hour period 37,000 ballots were successfully run thru voting readers.  A box of 304 ballots was kept apart having been found "in a school" without further comment.
4. Saturday evening supervisors summoned Sheriff's deputies to usher observers out of the mall in which the counting was taking place for fear that they might set off alarms..because Democrats pretend they think that it is incredibly difficult to shut off the alarm system.  OBTW on election night the very same poll workers stayed working at the very exact same location until 2AM.  Apparently with no super impossible issue of alarms going off.  Assurances were made that Sunday morning they would be able to get the 304 ballots left to run thru in time for the noon certification deadline.
5. This morning as teams and observers assembled it was found that the memory cards for the voting machine readers did not work/had been wiped/were glitched etc....bottom recount happening.  By the time they got things working it took 90 minutes to run the final 304 ballots thru..but the noon deadline was missed.

Which country is this again?  Election workers can simply drag feet and put irrational obstacles in place to prevent a valid counting?  In Florida there are still tens of thousands of ballots that have never been counted in this election, not just in Rep. West's district, but throughout the state!


Rep. West has ended his challenge of the results from November 6.  I must say I am not very happy with this.  It is clear that the Democratic party nationally used it's "ground game" to commit widespread election fraud while the MSM did everything possible to ensure the ignorance of the electorate.


  1. Who or what organization is in charge of hiring election workers?

  2. Campaigns hire workers as do the parties. Also there are options to volunteer to work sites. Usually you have to be approved by the local elections officials who are government employees. These are the people with the real power. They are almost inherently partisans.