Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's News Observations


This of course means we will remain dependent on foreign oil for many more years to come.  During the debates President Obama lied about drilling on Federal lands.  Governor Romney called him on it and was essentially ignored by the MSM.  So there you go America!  Sarah Palin said "Drill!  Drill!  Drill!"  The President says windpower so blow blow blow I guess.


There should not be much surprise that businesses are doing what businesses do.  A tax on medical devices could only make sense to someone who has no idea how the economy say...the President?!!!  Anyone who says that Obamacare makes health care free does not know basic math and is evidence that we should have never let children use calculators in school.


Well, DUH!!!!


The question of the day seems to be did he quit over Benghazigate and use the affair as an excuse?  Well the deal is, I do not see how that could make any real sense.  I figure he wanted out and the affair is as good a reason as any.  I can relate to being a military man and not wanting to serve a President who is dangerous for the country.

Besides, it isn't like Gen. Petraeus will avoid answering questions before Congress.  And if he is put under oath the answers still come under the force of law. 

Let us not forget that it was actually Vice President Biden during the VP debate who threw the CIA under the bus over Benghazi.

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