Friday, November 16, 2012

The End of Hostess
Another example of a union destroying a business.  The Teamsters urged the Bakery union to accept the latest contract offer.  It was instead rejected and Hostess will end production after more than 80 years. 18,500 jobs will be lost.

We are past the tipping point in America when common sense is lost.  Foolish people support business destroying policies and make votes that work against their own best interest in the big picture.  Just completely foolish.  The liberal left will of course gripe about what essentially are ordinary business practices because liberal lefties prefer to function based on how they wish the world worked...while the rest of us actually live in the world that actually exists.  In this world businesses exist first and foremost to generate these things we call profit.  And when a business is unable to do that the business ceases to do business.  The ability of employees to have a job is a side effect of business, not the purpose in and of itself. 

My sincere hope is that the products of Hostess continue to exist in the future...likely in wide production in a right to work state.  I will have no sympathy for any union members who voted to strike against an employer that was on the edge of a cliff.  Enjoy your unemployment you idiots.  You lost.

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