Saturday, November 24, 2012

CCAC Cuts Hours in Response to Obamacare

I just can't stop actually laughing about this.  400 adjunct faculty at Community College of Allegheny County will see their hours cut from 40 hours to under 30 hours in response to Obamacare mandates.  I find this amusing in a mean sort of way that is similar to the reality check that a young child gets the first time they burn their hand touching something they were told not to. 

The new normal will be whiny useless liberal college students spending tens of thousands of dollars worth of tax payer loaned tuition to learn how to repeat what their liberal profs tell them.  And then graduate in order to work two part time jobs and pay out of pocket for their mandated health care.  The outcome of Obamacare will be even fewer employers paying for health coverage.

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