Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Morning Observations

1. Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County Florida

Rep. Allen West's quest for re-election is in doubt as one county in Florida has roughly 100,000 more voter cards than registered voters in that county.  Reading around the web Sunday I could not find any reasonable defense for this.  I did see numerous people on the left accusing Congressmen West of whining (he at last count was down 2422 votes).  So this is what we have come to?  This great experiment in self rule is really just about stealing elections?  Amazing.  If one county in Florida can have that much voter fraud, how seriously can we be sure that this sort of thing doesn't repeat on a smaller level in just a handful of precints in a handful of states?  Obama was allegely re-elected with a margin of less than 2.8m votes nationally.  Obama won Ohio by 104,000 votes.  One county in Florida has over 100% voter turnout and was decidedly Democrat.  Obama won Florida by 74,000 votes.  Think about that.

Update:  Congressman West has been declared the loser following the partial recount in his district.  This includes the above mentioned 141% turnout in St. Lucie county.  Keep in mind that there remain many ballots that have never been counted once in this race.  On election night Rep. West was leading by 2,000 votes and then minutes later one update put him 2,000 behind.

We have just had an election in which 330,000 votes in 4 states re-elected the President. It is a lot easier to steal an election than most people are willing to believe.

2. CNN Finally is reporting on Benghazi!

Well kinda sorta.  For the 14 days prior to last Tuesday's election I regularly noted on my Facebook page that CNN had no articles dealing with Benghazi on their front page.  Any comments about Benghazi garnered comments from the left of "stop watching Foxnews!" as if that is an answer to real items being reported.  The problem of course other national news agency was doing any reporting at all about the Benghazi scandal.

Of course not reporting on Benghazigate did not prevent CNN's Candy Crowley from butting in and helping President Obama gang up on Mitt Romney during debate #2 when she erroneously fact checked in favor of the President's lie that he called the attack on our Consulate on Sept 11, 2012 terrorism.  CNN after the debate had Candy on and showed a clip of the President's Rose Garden comments the day after and they clipped it in a way to falsely assert again that he called the Benghazi attack terrorism.  Of course transcripts and video of his entire comments are widely available.  The President never called the attack terrorism at all in those comments.

That said!  This weekend of course CNN has re-discovered Benghazi only kinda sorta.  There were more reports on the resignation of CIA Director David Patraeus' due to an affair and not appear before Congress this week for questioning on Benghazi then they reported for two solid weeks before our national election.

BTW Barack Obama was re-elected by less than 3million votes with 8million fewer than he got in 2008.  Did I mention that one heavily Democrat county in Florida had 141% voter turnout??

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