Thursday, November 22, 2012


The linked article details some of the side of the discussion that has been largely getting ignored this week as America faces a post Twinkie world.  (Note: I have zero belief that future diabetics won't be able to get their Twinkie fix since someone will be purchasing the rights to produce those little bundles of death but I digress). 

I am more interested in the viewpoint of some of the workers who are stating that they would rather lose their jobs than to take any further cuts.  There is a quote from one Kenneth Johnson who states that he made $35,000 last year including overtime and that this is down from $45,000 five years ago.  While I can feel for someone who has lost that much of his pay, it is also part of the reality that we live in.  It is irrational to think that this sort of work is really worth $20 an hour.  It does not matter that he has worked for Hostess for over 20 years.  There is no inherent requirement of employers to grant automatic raises endlessly.  No employer should or will pay more for any work than what it costs to replace.  It is a simple reality of economics much like gravity is true to physics. 

Also, what is up with people who do not understand that 1. $35,000 is a lot more than no $ and 2. if you do not think your time is worth what your employer is something else?????  Reality sucks when you are stupid.

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  1. Reality often sucks when you *exist* near the stupid, as well...