Friday, November 9, 2012

This is the beginning

I am starting this blog mostly to express my thoughts on all things political.

What a week this has been.  On Monday night I went to bed expecting to see a resounding victory for the Republican party in the national election. I went to work predicting that by 9:15 PST Mitt Romney would be President elect.  I then watched in shock as battleground states one after the other were called for President Obama.

A few thoughts.  The punditocracy is going to go on for months if not years about exit polling.  My understanding is that exit polls do not survey the entire country.  In fact there are no exit polls in several states.  Thus I do not trust much of anything those polls really tell us.  President Obama has been re-elected with 7million less votes than he got in 2008.  Mitt Romney will end up with slightly less votes than John McCain got in the same election.  I do not believe this election proved anything other than more liberal partisan Democrats voted on Tuesday than did conservative partisan Republicans.  Any deeper reading of the electorate beyond this is foolishness.

This is the 2nd consecutive national election in which Republicans tried to distance themselves from the principally social issues that most Conservatives hold close to heart.  The results have been ruinous as Evangelical Christians have in large numbers not supported either Sen. McCain in 2008 or Gov. Romney in 2012.  If the Republican party wants to rule again it must stop trying to appeal to so called moderates and independents.  It must appeal to grass roots Christians.  We have proven that we will not turn out in the numbers needed to win for candidates who are wishy washy on social issues.

The Democrats turned this election, which was supposed to be about the economy, into a referendum on social issues.  Gov. Romney could not present enough of a real contrast to convince Conservatives that he was worth supporting. President Obama appealed to his true believing flock on the left.  And so the nation suffers for another couple of years in darkness.

I expect that a new fight will break out on the budget as we face Taxmageddon next month.  Already the CIA Director Gen. Patraeus and apparently Secretary of State Clinton have resigned.  We will probably see others like Defense Secretary Panetta, Treasury Secretary Geithner and Attorney General Holder in the coming days all stepping aside.

God help us!