Friday, November 16, 2012


Operation Parking Lot ready to go!

Gaza nitwits launch hundreds of rockets into Israel for weeks killing civilians and anyone else they hit. Israel has every right to defend itself. More than that, Prime Minister Netanyahu has an obligation to protect the people of Israel.

Today Israel activated 75,000 reservists.  This possible precursor to invasion of Gaza will likely lead to the usual suspects griping (I am talking to YOU Liberal Democrats).  Just remember, Israel didn't attack until 700 rockets had been fired.

Tonight is a report that rockets have been fired from the Sinai into Israel.

I believe there is a blessing from God to those that bless Israel.  God be with their leaders. God bless their fighting men and women.  God bless Israel.

Update: Saturday there were protest signs being waved in Seattle against the "overreaction" by Israel.  I ask anyone who is complaining to ponder this.  If a militant group in British Columbia was firing rockets regularly into Bellingham Washington that were falling in neighborhoods and at Starbucks, exactly how many and how long would it take before we would insist that Empty Chair go all NFL Blitz all over them?  

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