Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Nonsense

After two years of ceiling arguing, 10 years of Democrats lying about tax rates, a multi-billion dollar Presidential campaign and weeks of wrangling the do nothing US Senate has approved in the final hour of the year a deal to avoid the so called fiscal cliff.  $620Billion in tax hikes and $15Billion in spending cuts.  A country with a tax system that generates $2.5Trillion a year in tax revenue funding a government that is spending $3.7Trillion a year makes a deal that does essentially jack squat about the problem.  But no problem....the House must approve the bill for it to go to the empty chair. 

Hell with this. I say resist!  The House should reject this "deal" and send things over the cliff.  Let if happen.  Raise taxes on everyone and more importantly slash spending accross the board the way the law says is supposed to happen.  Then let these collective liars figure out how to get the tax rates back to where they should be.

I intend to support only candidates who take measures to cut spending regardless of which party they come from.  John Boehner and Harry Reid should both take a long walk off a short pier. 

Happy freakin New Year!