Friday, December 21, 2012

Why Do We Need "Assault Rifles"?

We need so called "assault rifles" because true evil exists and it does not follow rules.  Meet Billy Chambers.  Billy Chambers is a murderer. He is a repeat felon.  He has shockingly been in the news several times for very serious crimes including the beating death of Ed Tuba Man McMicheal who used to play his instrument outside of Key Arena before Sonics games.  This young man has twice been sent to big boy jail only to be released thus proving our criminal justice system has no intention of punishing vermin like this and keeping law abiding citizens safe from his kind. 

Earlier this week one of our incredible local Judges nearly released this creature again from his latest stay at tax payers expense..this time over a felon in possession of a firearm charge.  Were it not for the quick words by prosecution Judge Mary Alice Theiler would have put this monster back on the street.  Did I mention that he is a convicted killer?  Oh and he is only 19.  Yep.  That is why.

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