Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bob Costas and Gun Control Fools

Tonight during an NFL broadcast Bob Costas of NBC sports decided this was a great time to throw his political view into the national conversation following an unspeakably evil act.  Yesterday Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher in a rage fired 9 shots into his girlfriend after she came home from a concert.  He did so in the home of the couple's 3 month old baby.  Mr. Belcher then went in his car to the Arrowhead stadium parking lot, got out of his car and had a conversation with team officials before taking a different gun and killing himself.

Mr. Costas tonight stated that “if people like Jevon Belcher didn’t own guns, things like this wouldn’t happen”.  This is the typical simplistic reaction whenever a shooting happens.  And while it is sort of intuitive, there are a couple of major flaws with Mr. Costas' point.

 First there are not a lot of "people like Jevon Belcher."  Namely world class athletes in their physical prime who are loaded up on medications and rage are in short supply.  There really aren't that many people like Jevon Belcher. 

Second major point that he has entirely wrong. Like most lefty gun grabbers he blames the violent action on the presence of a gun.  This is beyond stupid thinking.  The murder and suicide didn't happen because Jevon Belcher owned guns. They happened because for reasons we do not know Jevon Belcher decided to kill his girlfriend and himself.  The guns were just tools used in the action.  The same outcome would have come at his bare hands if he felt the need.  He shot her 9 times.  He was going to kill her regardless of what was handy.

The use of a national sporting event to spout off about a political issue that attacks a basic Consitutional right is foolishness.  Mr. Costas should be sanctioned, though given that his employer is NBC there is no possibility of this happening.

A friend tonight pointed out that no bullets were used to kill Nichole Brown Simpson. is a mental illness.

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