Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leadership is Hard - John Boehner vs. the Tea Party

There is a political principal that has existed for several years that requires the House Speaker to have majority support of legislation from his/her own party in order to bring it to vote on the floor.  Today is a monumental moment to test that view out.  The US Senate this morning showed a lack of sense or will to do right by passing a prosal that would add over $600B in taxes supposedly while only cutting spending by $15.  This in a country running Trillion dollar deficits.  It is a bad plan.  It flies against any sense of economic reality.  It likely does not have majority support among GOP House members.

Forget that for a decade Democrats complained about the Bush tax rates being cuts only for the rich...the same Democrats who now insist that this package prevents tax increases for 98% of Americans...(you know..those same 98% who allegedly did not get a tax cut in 2001 or 2003?)  The insane hypocrisy there is astounding.  Forget even that the current President is the only President to ever spend $3Trillion in one budget year.  George W. Bush never did such a thing..not once..ever.  The best the US Senate and the Vice President could come up with in a nearly $4Trillion "budget" is $15Billion in cuts.  This is what they were able to work out.  Oh ya and to push the other mandatory cuts that the law says occur today down the road for 2 more months..so that in two months the left can lie some more, the media can propagandize some more and the Senate GOP caucus can cave some more.

I say no!  Today the House GOP caucus should reject this bill and force the country to accept what it is.  I am certain that the President all along really wanted the deadline to pass.  I'm not convinced that this is really a bad thing.  It is preferable in my opinion to force the tax rates back up and make the Democrats and liberals in general face the truth of their decade long lie.  It is extremely better to do so with the hundreds of billions in mandatory spending cuts that would truly put a dent in the current out of control deficits.

If John Boehner forces the House to vote for this bill today I believe that on Thursday his tenure as Speaker of the House must end.

Update:  The House of Representatives is going to vote on the Senate proposal with no Amendments allowed.  Whether it passes or fails this country needs a new leader of the House and I will not support any members who vote for this bill.

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