Sunday, December 9, 2012

About that "FREE" Health Care

Next month a number of new taxes go into effect to fund Obamacare.  For an entire generation liberals have decried the reality that people with more money can afford more medical care as somehow "unfair."  They have hailed social medical models in Canada, the UK and elsewhere while trying to shame Conservatives with comments about Cuba.  Since they forced the President's social medical transformation in 2010 I can't tell how many liberals I have read, seen and heard incorrectly claim that we will get free health care while praising this vile President.

I intend to laugh and finger point at these clowns starting January 1, 2013 when hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes take effect to pay for this terrible social program.  I will also pray for those that would resist this foolishness. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Canada pays for health care.  The reason it is comparatively low is because Canadians do not pay for the research on medications that the American tax payers cover.  Canada has artificially low costs of medications as a result.  We will not see that here. 

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