Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Control Kills Innocent People

Yesterday's shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut is as awful a moment in American history as we have a capacity for.  There is no possible good outcome I can imagine from such an incident.  That said, as happens whenever there is a shooting in public there are expected reactions that are just too predictable.

Yesterday we saw the President speaking and wiping a tear in public.  Pundits hit the airwaves to tell everyone not to politicize this event as flags lowered nationally.  The White House then released a statement stating the President's continued support of an assault weapons ban.  I guess they didn't consider a political statement to be polticizing things.  A ravenous public then eats such statements up with delight even though very few Americans can tell you what an actual assault weapon is..including the President. 

In the two largest mass shootings in American history now we have seen schools attacked that had weapons bans.  Most government offices around the country ban weapons.  Signs on windows and doors do not keep guns from entering in the hands of someone intending to use them.  They simply act as advertisements to someone intent on committing evil.

The theater shooter in Colorado managed to enter using the wrong entrance.  Yesterday's murderer forced his way thru newly installed security apartus as well.  This proves that people intent on doing something evil will not follow directions if the directions are in their way.

A co-worker yesterday who is in her 60's scolded that "when I was a kid we didn't have these shootings" in her diatribe of gun banning talk.  I reminded her that when she was a kid there were already tens of millions of guns in circulation in this country.  She wanted to blame the gun culture for these violent acts.  I reminded her that the gun culture predates petroleum power so it can't be the presences of millions of guns and in any case no matter how much liberals wishfully hope...there is no way you are ever eliminating all guns from our society.

20 precious children are dead now not because of a lack of gun control.  Yesterday's shooter took the guns that were registered in his mother's name and killed her.  Then he went to the school, broke thru the entrance and went on a shooting spree.  The only possible gun control that would have prevented him from doing this would have been incarceration before the fact.  Unless the left is ready to start incarcerating autistic people this killer would have been killing.

Nope, it isn't a lack of gun control that allows for these events to be so horrific.  Angry moms gathering together to form some sort of MADD group to "just do something" about eliminating guns is not going to keep future such events from happening.  There is only one true absolute way to stop a mass killer who decides he or she is going to do such a thing.  It is not more Brady law, more registration at gun shows, more waiting periods, more lock boxes or anything else like that.  If the real goal is to protect the innocent we need more citizens armed and trained to shoot back.  It is extremely offensive to me that teachers are not armed and ready to protect our kids.  If we as a society seriously believe that our children are precious then we need to act like it.  Not by putting up stupid gun free zone signs and pretending that a grown man can't break thru glass.  We need to do it by allowing public employees to pack hardware.  People entering public places need to expect that if they have evil intentions there is a certainty that someone on board is armed and ready to confront and kill them. The best safety measure we can ever have against any evil is a weapon in the hand of someone who is responsible with using it.  The expeditious application of force where it is needed is universal and works.  Gun control just disarms the innocent.  Disarming the public just makes easy targets.

Real men should be ready at any time to confront the bad guy and if needed to kill the bad guy.  THAT is the American way.

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