Saturday, December 15, 2012

ESPN Suspends Rob Parker for Stupidity

It takes effort to be as stupid as constant race baiter Rob Parker of ESPN.  His latest nonsense came Thursday in his "First Take" comments. When asked about Robert Griffin's role as a black quarterback he responded on air "Is he a brother? Or a cornball brother?"  He later went into criticism of what he assumes Griffin's politics to be, his relationship with black team mates and the skin pigmentation of Griffin's fiance. 

In an age in which race politics is constantly thrown forth, Mr. Parker has no productive role to offer.  Criticizing an African American for what he views as assimilating into mainstream society is disgusting.  It is also hypocritical.  Mr. Parker is employed by a major corporate entity in lilly white Connecticut.  He lives a life of privilege where he is enabled to sit in a guilded cage pontificating observations of the efforts of others who put in the actual hard work...and besides a commentator he pretty much sucks.

Yay for ESPN getting it right for once and shutting this clown down.  As for RG3...already on a fast start to the Hall of Fame.  When he retires he may be hailed as the greatest quarterback of all-time.  No black prefix needed.

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