Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Governor of Washington Wants $13.50 Minimum Wage and Higher Pay for Teachers


Simply put if you are arguing that a 40 hour work week should automatically put a roof over your head..but equating that to minimum wage jobs you have lost the logic debate instantly.  For starters very few minimum wage jobs..are 40 hours a week.  Secondly minimum wage jobs are entry level.  This means that if you are trying to "raise a family" on such a job..you have inherently made some horrendous life choices and it is not the purpose of government to try and dictate a value to that.  Besides that fact that Washington state already has the highest minimum wage in the nation...and those jobs as a percentage of the work force have been shrinking in the state ever since voters put in mandatory cost of living increases in the late 1990's. 

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