Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cargill Meat Packing Plant Terminates Muslims


This story is sad and confusing.  As it came out last week and developed what was not made very clear was what policy had changed.  It seems that Cargill had made a policy of working with employees to allow for prayer but that the workers wanted to leave in larger groups.  Larger groups would prove disruptive to work processes and potentially put the food supply at risk. 

At the end of the day Cargill seems to have been reasonable and the demands of the workers while understandable is actually an example of lacking assimilation.  Workplace standards must still be adhered to regardless of religious practices.

The protests have resulted in over 100 firings and complaints by CAIR.  The context of how the policy was changed or implemented has been described in confusing terms by both sides.  Personally I am all for religious freedom for all...it is the American way.  I am also for practicality in the workplace.  It would seem some of our Somali friends will need to find a new $14 an hour wage or develop their own businesses so that they can pray whenever they feel like it.

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