Thursday, January 28, 2016

GOP Debate Notes: #7

"I will apologize to nobody for the vigorousness with which I will fight terrorism, go after ISIS, hunt them down wherever they are and utterly and completely destroy ISIS."

Senator Cruz stated the difference in forces between the military we had 25 years ago in Desert Storm vs. today.

"ISIS is the most dangerous Jihadist group in the hsitory of mankind."
"ISIS wants to trigger an Apocalyptic show down in Dibiqq"
"They need to be defeated and that will take overwhelming force."
"When I'm President we are rebuilding the US military because the world is a safer and a better place when America is the strongest military in the world."

Marco Rubio

"Booming economic growth fueld the rebuilding military under Reagan"

Ted Cruz

It is my considered view that Senator Rubio scored the first serious points of the debate with this exchange.

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