Sunday, June 12, 2016

What Would A Hillary Presidency Make America Look Like?

Rahm Emanuel is Mayor of Chicago.  He is formerly the White House Chief of Staff under President William Jefferson Clinton.  When it comes to policy he is a mirror image of Hillary.  He presides over a city that is virtually a 2.7Million person gun free zone.  Some of our nation's most egregiously difficult gun ownership restrictions are in effect there.

So far in 2016 there have been 1674 shootings in Chicago.  Gun free Chicago has had 253 shot and killed.  That means Chicago has what amounts to Orlando about 2 1/2 times per month.  Now imagine the world under President Hillary who is personally on record opposing the right to bear arms.  Empowering her to launch Executive Orders and appoint Supreme Court Justices is essentially inviting her to end the right of private citizens to self defense.

Do you really want the entire country to look like Chicago?  Do you really want the country to be as easy as an Orlando nightclub?  That is what Hillary means for America.

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