Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Homerun Ted Cruz!!!

Tonight Senator Cruz took the stage in Cleveland.  The question at hand "will he endorse Donald Trump?"  He graciously congratulated the nominee.  He spoke to the final conversation of a father with his little girl before he was murdered in Dallas.  He mentioned freedom.  He brought up the Constitution.  He challenged supporters to vote in November and to vote their conscience.  Donald Trump supporters from that point to the end acted like jackasses chanting for an endorsement that would not come.

Donald Trump called Ted Cruz' wife ugly.  He got his contacts at National Enquirer to slander Cruz' fidelity.  Mr. Trump slandered Ted's father as somehow involved in the JFK assassination.  At the end of the night Donald Trump and his supporters are petty and his train wreck campaign has no chance of winning in November.  Ted the star of the Conservative movement. 

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