Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Donald's Greatest Accomplishment

In this post Cruz campaign phase of the election process a lot is being said by Trump supporters about what they see as the obligation of all Republicans to now unite behind their favorite candidate.  The saying usually goes "a vote for third party or sitting out is a vote for Hillary."  This is of course utter nonsense.  The only way to vote for Hillary (or anyone else) is to actually cast a vote for that person.  We don't award extra votes in elections based on under performance of political party nominees.  It isn't like if 22% of registered Republicans refuse to vote for Donald Trump and instead don't vote or vote for the Constitutional Party candidate, that Hillary get's a +1 on her side.  Hillary gets nothing for those. 

The next part of the argument is that "It doesn't matter if Donald Trump isn't a Conservative.  He is still infinitely better than Hillary."  This is the "he is not Hillary" argument.  It is also utterly nonsensical insomuch that there are serious issue related arguments that suggest in fact that Donald Trump may be much worse than Hillary in many areas.  Further..just not being Hillary is not much of an argument.  I can point to 7 Billion people in the world that are not Hillary.  You can't tell me that Donald Trump is the very best out of all of us not-Hillary's. 

Donald Trump is the one who is obligated to unite the party.  There is no obligation of supporters of Cruz or anyone else to owe Trump loyalty just because he happens this time to be calling himself Republican.  I believe that after this election it will actually be an identifier used to label people in the future.  For the 2020 election a lot of people who endorsed Donald Trump will be disregarded by those that don't after he gets absolutely crushed in November.  So far, since Tuesday's Indiana primary, Donald Trump has continued to attack those Republicans that do not support him.  He has stated that he doesn't need Conservatives in order to win the election.  I doubt that.  We will see.  He is wrong.

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