Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Nomination of Falsehood

A major political party will nominate for President a candidate that is owned by Wall Street.  This candidate will be pro-choice favoring that Roe vs Wade not be overturned.  This candidate will believe in Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  The candidate will have a view that gun rights should be severely limited or curtailed by whim of government officials without any opportunity to clear one's name.  The candidate will be of the belief that Israel is the moral equal of her Palestinian attackers.  The candidate will have no military experience but will have a long history of disrespect to veterans and be a critic of their missions.  This candidate will have a consistent record of support for people opposing Conservatives in elections.  The candidate will pander to Christians while consistently living a life that mocks Christianity.

The above is the life story of Donald J. Trump.

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