Sunday, June 12, 2016

50 People Dead in Terror Attack at Orlando Florida Nightclub

When a disease enters the body the prudent thing is to remove it. When a field has an infestation you fight it. All other ideas are self destructive foolishness. No exceptions.

The shooter who is dead is an Islamic terrorist from Afghanistan who was granted US citizenship.  The media will now fawn for a bit about gun control.  We need common bloody sense in this country.  Instead of allowing the party of crazy to turn us on our heads over the right of perverts to pee next to little girls we should be talking about the most important role of government.  Protection of the people from evil.

From Roseburg to San Bernardino to Orlando the war on terror is now a home field fight.  Our current leadership nurtured and armed the enemy..invited it here and coddled it.  Now we are being mass murdered because of it.

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