Saturday, May 21, 2016

Austin Petersen's Pro Life is Really Pro Choice

"As much as I detest the idea of abortion and tend to believe the state has a legal obligation to protect life, the realities of the situation combined with the risks incurred by mothers makes me unable to support a staunch anti-abortion position. I think we should use education and work to direct nonprofit resources toward making contraception widely available, as a means to reducing abortions; but I could never advocate they be outright banned.
First, all making abortions illegal would do is drive them underground. Black market abortion would lead to shoddy medicine, unhealthy practices, disease, suffering, and death. As unwanted births increase in low income areas, crime would rise. The number of people unable to provide for themselves and forced to live off of the state would also dramatically increase.
I just don’t see a world with black market abortions, more unwanted children, and more poverty as being a good thing.
Likewise, the tendency for the left to disregard considerations of life, to the point of hostility towards the unborn (calling them invaders or parasites) is truly sickening to me. Human life is precious and ought to be regarded as such. In fact, a little compassion towards life might go along way when it comes to advocating reasonable abortion positions.
I am pro-life; I believe life is precious and must be protected. But I am pro-choice; I believe individual autonomy is inseparable from human liberty. We must seek to guard human life when reasonable to do so and to protect women’s agency to make their own health decisions. These are not mutually exclusive, those that tell you otherwise are ideologues." Austin Petersen Dec 2015

The Donald Trump hijacking of the Republican Party is leaving many Conservatives looking around for a third party choice.  This has brought about much interest in Austin Petersen who is competing for the Libertarian party nomination for President.  Mr. Petersen touts himself as being a Pro Life atheist.  He is getting a lot of attention from disaffected Evangelicals who find Donald Trump unworthy of their support. 

Is Austin Petersen's position actually Pro-Life?  His word choice consistently draws a distinction between the personal choice of abortion and the legal fact of abortion.  On one hand he speaks in harsh terms about the casual attitude of the left toward the fact that there is a life in the womb worthy of consideration.  He seems to fall short though of literal legal protection lashing out at those who oppose abortion.  He makes the exact same sort of typical arguments about black market abortion as a reason against changing legality.  The result is that Mr. Petersen's Pro-Life morality does not cause a anti-abortion legality..and since we are really only talking about a political issue..his position becomes meaningless.  Opposing abortion as a moral choice and then not extending that to placing limitations into not Pro-Life.  It is in fact from a legal and political perspective..Pro-Choice.  It is no different than the position held by Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani or John Kerry.

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