Monday, April 29, 2013

Tim Tebow's Release

The New York Jets have waived Tim Tebow ending a short lived experiment in New York.  There will now be a lot of criticism thrown at him by media and the like for his poor performance and talent.  The thing is, the critics may not really have the point they think they do.

Thru parts of 3 seasons Tebow has a career passer rating of 75.3 thru 366 passing attempts.  Not great, not awful.  He has thrown for 17 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions which is extremely positive on little sample size.  With Denver he defeated the Steelers in the 2011 playoffs on a stunning play in the first snap of overtime that should solidify him in Broncos history.

For all of the criticism he has a much higher passer rating than Mark Sanchez who remains the incumbent in New York.  In fact his passer rating is 10 points higher than Joe Namath..the most legendary of all Jets quarterbacks.  There really is not much of a record of a player coming under so much criticism for so little body of work, especially when the numbers actually say he is more than he seems. 

The critics of Tebow really in essence lie.  They don't want to criticize his faith and look like bigots, so they attack his performance.  Performance that included an amazing run of comeback wins in 2011 (during his only real shot at starting) and a playoff win.  If  Tebow was a silent Catholic or an out of the closet homosexual he would be praised.  He is attacked for his faith by hypocrites who misrepresent performance.  It is clear as day.  As for the New York Jets, they are a train wreck.

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