Monday, April 29, 2013

Congratulations to Jason Collins

for what exactly?  He only has admitted that he prefers sex with other men.  That doesn't make him a hero.  It certainly is not worthy of any congratulations.  I do note that famous rapist Kobe Bryant congratulated him.  I also notice that with a crashing economy, terrorism, threats from North Korea and chemical weapons used in Syria the White House saw this as important enough to congratulate Jason Collins.

Jason Collins is an NBA player of minor accomplishments.  Certainly not on his way to any Hall-of-Fame.  He has never been an All-Star.  He has never been a double digits scorer.  Really just an ordinary role player for half a dozen NBA teams over his 12 year career.  But hey guess what...HE LIKES PENIS!  That makes him a hero.

Think about that for a moment.  We live in a world in which admitting homosexuality generates praise.  What of the opposite?  I am an adult male.  I really really like sex with younger women.  It is probably my favorite thing in the entire world.  Does that admission make me a hero?  It certainly makes me "normal" in the context of pretty much every man of my age in the world.  I suspect though in this twisted world that such an admission would generate ridicule. My coming out of the closet as straight is just a ho hum. 

For some reason I just don't see Jason Collins as on a level with a Silver Star winner just because he admits he prefers sausage.   I must be not insane.

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