Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carnival Victim or Darwin Award Winner?


A New Hampshire man loses his "life savings" of $2600 on a carnival game called Tubs of Fun while trying to win an Xbox Kinect.  He says it was easy when he practiced but once he started playing the balls just kept bouncing out. Of course this genius started betting double or nothing and within minutes lost $300. 

I find it amazing that someone could actually lose $300 at a carnival game.  I find it kind of amazing that an adult would even take $300 to a carnival in the first place.  He then went home and got the rest of his "life savings" (the remaining $2300) and went back to resume playing Tubs of Fun. It took a few more minutes for him to lose the remaining money.

The next day he went to complain to the management of the carnival and was given $600 to shut the Hell up and go away.  So now he is planning to do what losers do best in America these days..he is going to SUE THE CARNIVAL!!!  What a world.

For starters taking that much cash to a carnival and trying to win the Xbox, dude just go to a store and buy one.  It is cheaper.  Secondly, your life savings was $2600.  You have failed horribly at life.  Being stupid enough to then make a spectacle of yourself by going to the news with the story so now everyone knows how dumb you are.  I am pretty sure this is how Jerry Springer never runs out of guests.  A judge should issue an order barring Henry Gribbohn of Epsom New Hampshire from fairs and carnivals for life.  He is a danger to himself and an embarrassment to the entire species.

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