Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Nonsense of Jumping to False Conclusions

This week we saw the entire world watching reporting of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.  Pundits from various circles seemed to go out of their way to place expectations or open desire to pin the blame on Patriots, White Males, the Tea Party etc etc.  Even today one major network is struggling to find words to describe the bombers outside of the most obvious of all..Islamic.  These two monsters are not victims.  They are murderers who follow a faith that openly encourages such actions. 

Today I read that President Obama wants us to not judge entire groups of people.  This is insane.  Of course we should judge entire groups of people thru the prism of common sense.  Islamic terrorism is a real thing. It exists.  It has existed for centuries.  Mr. Obama may find it uncomfortable seeing as how he presumed support from parts of the world in which Wahabbism is popular, but that does not change that these two pockmarks on life germinated a mindset that led to 4 innocent people killed and nearly 200 injured. 

While the MSM tries everytime there is some outrageous act to blame Patriots, Republicans, Constitutionalists and the Tea Party or anyone who has an NRA sticker on their truck, I will go with the obvious.  From now on anytime a bomb goes off anyplace my first reaction is going to be to assume that the attacker is a radical Islamicist.  There is a very simple reason for this...essentially in nearly every case in my lifetime...radical Islamicists in fact have been responsible for these attacks.  I know of no actual bombings ever conducted by a Baptist Sunday School Teacher Middle Class Caucasian Married Father of Two War Veteran NRA member.  Never seen one.  Probably never will.  Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell and Barrack Obama for that matter can go straight to Hell.

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