Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Foolishness of the Amazing Race

Last weekend I watched the Amazing Race for the first time.  I'm not gonna lie...I love reality television in most forms.  I had never seen this show before as it has for the most part run opposite things I watched regularly. 

So there I sat in my living room watching a bunch of contestants doing odd things in Vietnam when suddenly right on the television is a series of Communist Party propaganda songs with captions for translation to English.  Things praising the socialist system directly and the people indirectly as a result of the party leadership.  I was stunned.  I literally stopped watching and left the room.

It takes very unusual incidents for me to agree with Bob Beckel.  Frankly I am surprised he was the first public figure to come out criticizing the show.  It is simple for me an adult to see thru the foolishness of the songs being presented, but I am also sure there are millions of young people and...well...Obama supporters watching the show who are by nature very impressionable and kinda dumb.  The damage can't be undone as the network threw in absolutely nothing to counter the stupid phrases.  Probably because the Producers believe the nonsense.

The Amazing Race...will never be seen in my home again.  It is televised trash on a network run by agents of deceit.  Never ever again.

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