Saturday, March 30, 2013

More About Gay Marriage

This is for the Christians who might read this.  Unbelievers, this isn't for you.  You won't agree and frankly I am not at all interested in convincing you of anything. I understand that you are lost and going to Hell and wish you well on your journey!

There is no such thing as gay marriage. It does not exist.  Just calling two gay people married is no more a marriage than if I were to call my dinner table a toaster oven.  Words have meanings.  It takes more than simply pointing at an item and calling it something to give it a definition.   The people who believe that simply forcing society to submit to people living the lifestyle of homosexuality changes things because they say so are foolish.  There has never been any society in history that accepted and granted all of the legal rights of marriage to gay couples...ever.

People who argue that those who oppose so called gay marriage must explain how gay marriage harms traditional marriage are foolish as well.  That is no more a valid argument than if I were to say you tell me why I should recognize your daughter and how me calling your daughter...well..MY daughter is harmful.  It is a silly argument.  Beyond the common sense that every single human being actually in their heart of heart already knows, that the basic family structure which dates throughout all of human history, and is found literally in every single culture that has ever been known serves some obvious fundamental purposes.  Those purposes, which only need to be explained to idiots, are negated by homosexual relationships.

The other specious argument that the gay rights agenda movement use is to claim bigotry by those who reject their fundamentally flawed arguments.  Homosexuality is lifestyle.  It is behavior.  It is not an impossible to understand mysterious force.  One cannot be a bigot for disagreeing or opposing homosexual behavior anymore than one can be a bigot for disagreeing with theft, murder or any other type of behavior.  It is behavior.  You cannot be a bigot regarding behavior because behavior does not make you a minority.  Those that will apply arguments of the civil rights movement to gay rights are foolish.  No Rosa Parks choices are made by homosexuals.  They are not defined by something outside of their personal decisions of who to practice sexuality with.  You can look at a person and see that they have different pigment in their skin.  You cannot look at a person and determine that they are gay.  You find out they are gay when they either conduct homosexual behavior or more likely....they tell you.

And finally, why does any of this matter?  Simply because it is in fact a matter of morality.  Those that say we as a society should not govern by morality are just full of nonsense.  All laws are based on some moral principles. All of them.  There is no exception. They just happen to be particular directions of morality that society has accepted.  The liberal left in this country is driven almost exclusively by a humanistic anti-faith morality.  That morality is at play today with the above mentioned false arguments regarding the gay rights agenda.  There is no "right" to redefine marriage.   Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  The only real debate should be how do we decide what is and is not right.  For Christians it should be rather simple.  Go to the Bible and submit to it.  To unbelievers, you are lost and this really isn't for you.  If you just took a moment and got uneasy at the idea of submitting to the Bible, you are not a Christian.  Sorry to break it to you.

It is not judging to say homosexuality is sin.  It is submission to the almighty God to say homosexuality is sin.  That hasn't changed.  It is also not a religious point.  It happens to be fairly universal.  For society to simply discard that basic reality due to submission to one generation's humanistic movement will be a disaster.  What America needs is the Gospel.  Not legislation or debate.  Jesus Christ!  The one true living God!  The reason this debate is happening today is because God's people have remained silent and hid in fear of being called names..BIGOT etc etc.  The true bigotry is the bigotry that is perpetuated by ignorance coming from the lost left.  Why is homosexuality different from other sin?  Easy, homosexuals are the only sin group anywhere that not only announce their sin (thieves and murderers do not "come out of the closet"), they brag (when have you ever heard of a coke addict pride parade?) and define themselves (thieves do not call themselves thieves).  No other sin seeks not only legal status and recognition, but promotion within the schools.  It must be looked at differently because it brings entirely different attitudes to the forefront.  Our entertainment is blanketed in it.  Our government moves to protect it.  Homosexuality is still just as wrong and damnable as any other sin.  It is just that homosexuality brings a set of attitudes and arguments to society that are destructive.  There is no debate because the left has defined disagreement with them as bigotry and we have brought up a generation in this country that sees being called a bigot as the worst thing possible.  This is why the argument that other behavior is sin but not illegal such as cussing so why is this different? make no sense.  Cussing is not a lifestyle that redefines the basic structure of society.  Family is.

There is something a lot worse than being called a bigot by a lost humanist....that is unbeliever by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lost people will be offended by those words.  They will not have an argument that is beyond their own opinion. So, it the Bible?  Or is it your liberal friends?  Whose opinion do you value the most?  Think about it.  This gay marriage movement is an attempt to say right and wrong are ultimately decided not by God, but by humanistic society.  That is why debate is attacked, disagreement is called bigotry and despite no actual existing example of any society in world history going down this experimental direction they run willingly.   As for me.....I'll just assume that God is not impressed and press on.

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